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PVC TrimWelder Slow Cure 50 ML Cartridge with 2 FREE Qwik Mixers

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Item Number: EXT-SC-50-ML
Manufacturer: Extreme Adhesives

PVC TRIMWELDERtm SLOW CURE Adhesive is a slower curing, two-component adhesive formulated and colored for PVC Trim Board applications with a work life of 15 to 25 minutes at 70º F  after mixing.  It is a creamy, medium viscosity, solvent-free structural adhesive that is EPA and CARB compliant. Cured performance shows excellent adhesion and bond strength. Adhesive joints are  ready to handle in 90 to 120 minutes.


PVC TRIMWELDERtm SLOW CURE Adhesive does not require special surface preparation.  It’s stronger then PVC after curing and fills gaps to 1/4”.  SLOW CURE is designed for larger parts requiring additional assembly time or as a finishing material to create fillets and blends .  The creamy consistency, won’t foam, run or drip  Excellent sandability after curing.   NOTE! For best structural core to core bonds we recommend PVC TRIMWELDERtm FAST CURE


Why Should You Select This Adhesive?


·         Permanent Unitizing Structural Adhesive

·         Excellent Adhesion to PVC

·         Impact Resistance  - Peel Strength

·         Matches white PVC Trim Boards

·         Paintable

·         Fast Setting

·         Easy to apply

·         Fills Nail Holes and Gaps

·         Meets 2009 EPA VOC & CARB requirements

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